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Wirepas 5.3

May 14, 2024 · 2 minutes to read

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Wirepas 5.3

Notice Only Gateways with firmware 7.3 or higher can use Wirepas 5.3.

Wirepas 5.3 is an incremental improvement in the quality of the wirepas connection along with a few bugfixes.

With the introduction of Treon Gateway release 7.3 we have started to use some of the new Wirepas 5.3 features. Specifically in our Node Telemetry, we now collect Installation Quality.

Feature list

  • Performance improvements in route selection, this will prevent the nodes from swapping routes too often.
  • Performance improvements in automatic access cycle algorithms, the nodes only monitor wirepas every 2 seconds when active and this can increase to 4 or 8 seconds when idle for a certain period of time. The improvements will make them use less battery when idle.
  • The diagnostic priority has been lowered. This will result in being less likely to lose measurement data when the network is busy due to diagnostics.
  • More diagnostic data fields for Wirepas Network Tools, this requires using a WNT 4.0 backend.
  • OTAPv2 is now supported on the gateway both with DM commands and our WP_ota script.
  • Improvements in environments with local radio interference.
  • Traffic flows better when there are many Broadcasted messages like DM commands.
  • Battery consumption improvements for “non-routing” devices.
  • Security improvements.

New features not used/verified

  • Fragmentation is not used by Treon products as we have our own system to split the messages that are too long for a Wirepas packet.
  • Local Multicast is not used by Treon products.


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