Designing the Mesh Network

Introduction Before deploying a mesh network, it is important to learn about key principles of Wirepas mesh networks and solutions to common issues. When a Treon solution is deployed, it is key to plan the mesh network before the actual on-site installation.

Treon Gateway Connectivity Overview

Introduction The Treon Gateway can be connected to the the internet via a wired ethernet connection, Wi-Fi or a cellular (SIM) connection. Connection priority The connection priority determines the order of connection method the Treon Gateway tries to connect in to the network.

Activating the Mesh Network

Introduction Before and after the deployment of a mesh network, it is important to test and troubleshoot common issues in deployment.  Testing the Network Before you install the physical devices at the deployment site, first perform a dry-run of the system to test if the network runs.

Large Data in a Mesh Network

Introduction Working with large amounts of data, that occur when transmitting burst data from the nodes to the Treon Gateway, needs to be taken into account when planning and deploying a mesh network.

Alternative Deployments in a Mesh Network

Introduction There are two alternative network deployments that solve common issues when working with large data in a mesh network. There are ways to circumvent some of the mesh network’s features that in specific cases can stand against the optimal usage of the Treon products.

Treon Gateway Wi-Fi Connection

How to get started with your Treon Gateway.

Designing the Mesh Network