Troubleshooting Guides

Introduction Some questions came up when working with your Treon product? In this section we will help you troubleshoot the issue! Choose the product name in the menu to find information and help.

Troubleshooting - Treon Gateway

The Treon Gateway cannot connect via SIM card If the Treon Gateway has a SIM card in its SIM card slot but does not connect to the network (indicated by a red status light), there are several possible root causes.

Troubleshooting - Treon Industrial Node & Treon Industrial Node 6

The Treon Industrial Node might not be connected to the Treon Gateway The first method to check that the Treon Industrial Node is connected to the Treon Gateway can be done manually on the product:

Troubleshooting - Wirepas

I cannot find the correct Treon Gateway from my network, and mDNS does not show anything. If your computer is connected over WLAN to a corporate network, the configuration of the corporate network routers may prevent mDNS from working.

Troubleshooting - Orders & Shipping

How can I track my Treon order? If you would like to know the exact delivery time for your order, please contact the Treon Sales team: If you have received a waybill number, the shipment is being delivered and you can track the shipment in the carrier tracking services.

Known Issues & Workarounds